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Using the latest and most advanced Epoxy Pipe Relining Technology - SA Pipe Relining delivers a trenchless cost effective solution to internal wall pipeline repairs. With the added advantage of relining junctions, changes in direction and pipe sizes, as well as start stop relining and sectional repairs, SA Pipe Relining is capable of meeting all pipe repair requirements.

Relining repairs to sewer, stormwater, vertical stacks, downpipes or other pipelines in situ without costly excavation or replacement is today’s technology solution.Why replace when you can reline.

With SA Pipe Relining’s capability of completing sectional repairs or entire main line relines on pipelines from 40mm to 1600mm diameter on sewer and stormwater lines, the economic and environmental advantages this technology and systems has to offer has proven very desirable for home owners through to water authorities.


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Inspections

SA Pipe Relining has the ability to CCTV inspect and record pipeline internals from 40mm to 600mm diameter, with the most technologically advanced products on the market. Using state of the art technology to capture DVD quality video and digital photos of the pipeline inspection and standard internationally recognised formats (such as Wincan), Asset Managers can be quickly and precisely informed of the condition of their assets. Variable light
intensity controls, self levelling camera heads and locating sondes allow extreme versatility and capabilities. Colour DVD inspections and electronic or hardcopy reporting coupled with snapshot photos of problem areas completes an informative and detailed reporting package
making the decision process and next step that much easier.


Hydrojet Drain Cleaning

A hydrojet is a high-pressure water hose connected to a powerful nozzle, that pushes out large amounts of water to penetrate drain blockages, cut three roots and descale drains.

SA Pipe Relining has the capability of hydrojetting bathroom drains through to Mainline drains. With various techniques and equipment, SA Pipe Relining is fully prepared to combat a wide variety of situations. Hydro jetting cuts and removes tree roots from drains and descales the internal surface of the drain, helping to identify any damaged sections and promote better drain flow.

Mini Jet Blaster

The Mini Jet Blaster is a German engineered high pressure cleaner capable of delivering 11lpm at 2500psi. Ideal for all internal drains and small diameter pipelines the Mini Jet Blaster penetrates and clears obstructions. The Mini Jet Blaster is capable of cleaning pipelines from 20mm to 100mm.


Razorback Jetter

At 5000psi and 24lpm the Razorback Hydrojetter is fully self contained making it ideal for tight access locations such as undercroft carparks, commercial buildings and strata complexes. Used for both stormwater and sewer its high pressure and complete arrangement of nozzles enable roots and obstructions to be quickly and efficiently cleared.
A unique oscillating rear firing nozzle allows for intensive internal pipeline cleaning and de-scouring. The Razorback is generally used on 100mm to 300mm sewer and stormwater pipelines.


Terminator Hydrojet

Specifically designed and custom built to be the most versatile and capable Hydrojet rig on the market, the Terminator Hydrojet has the capability of hydro-jetting pipelines from 100mm to 600mm in diameter. Using various techniques and equipment the Terminator Hydrojet can combat a wide variety of situations.
Boasting 3045psi pressure, in excess of 100lpm with an array of nozzles and tools the Terminator Hydrojet has the capability to clear pipeline obstructions. 120m of 22mm high pressure hose mounted on a hydraulic variable speed reel ensures that pipeline internals are thoroughly and uniformly cleaned and de-scaled while obstructions are removed.


Nozzles and Tools

SA Pipe Relining has a comprehensive assortment of nozzles and tools ready to work on some of the most difficult pipeline obstructions and internal pipeline cleaning requirements.