Working in partnership with Commercial, Industrial & Government industries


SA Pipe Relining are commercial drain rehabilitation specialists. We fix the drains that others can’t!

Relied upon by some of South Australia’s most trusted names, SA Pipe Relining has both the experience and expertise to deliver.

SA Pipe Relining has solved many complicated problems, using cost effective, environmentally and efficient techniques. We’ve saved our clients millions of dollars over the years by implementing ingenious solutions to otherwise near impossible drain repairs.

SA Pipe Relining has the ability to rehabilitate and repair drains that:

  • are in areas that cannot be excavated or are inaccessible
  • pose significant WHS risks if replacement is undertaken
  • are too costly to replace
  • are completely corroded (cast iron drains)
  • are Asbestos
  • are broken or blocked
  • are allowing water ingress-egress
  • have missing sections of drains or sections that are filled with concrete
  • are in areas that cannot be shut down
  • are located in areas where replacement is not an option