The Relining Process


The Process - how we repair broken, cracked or blocked drains

SA Pipe Relining

The Relining Process

The entire Relining process consists of six steps, ensuring the same planning and methodology is applied to each job. SA Pipe Relining prides itself on professionalism, safety, quality management and getting the job done right the first time.

Step 1

Our Process begins with a customer consultation and CCTV inspection of the drainage system to determine and locate any problems within the drains. The footage is recorded in full colour onto USB format and a voice report is created detailing findings. General findings may include, drain misalignment or collapse, missing sections, water ingress, tree root infestation and ageing infrastructure.


Step 2

The drains are then cleared and descaled using high-pressure hydro jets and other specialised cleaning equipment, removing any roots or obstructions and preparing the draining for lining.


Step 3

A custom made liner and bladder is manufacturered, inserted into the drain and carefully pulled into position spanning over the damaged section of drain.


Step 4

The bladder is then inflated using compressed air which expands and forces the epoxy filled liner to conform and bond to the internal bore of the exiting drain. The liner is then left to cure creating a pipe with in a pipe.


Step 5

Once cured the bladder is deflated and removed leaving the newly created structural liner set in place.


Step 6

A final CCTV inspection of the drain is conducted and recorded.

The drain has been successfully rehabilitated and is now ready for full use.



The result; a creation of a smooth, seamless pipeline or sectional repair resulting in a ‘pipe within a pipe’ capable of withstanding pressure, root penetration and smoothing out all misalignments, cracks and missing sections or drain.

The seamless and jointless structure creates a smooth internal bore where calcification can no longer occur as deposits will not stick to the inner walls of the new epoxy barrier lined pipe.

Millions of linear meters of pipelines have been restored worldwide using this simple but effective technology. SA Pipe Relining has both the experience and advanced technical knowledge to meet your specific needs. The applications for relining are endless and regardless of the depth or height of the pipeline or corrosive nature of the environment, SA Pipe Relining has a solution at hand.