Lining vs. Traditional Methods

Why dig when you can Reline!


A - Pipe Relining Method

  • Decide on sectional repair or entire main drain reline
  • Manufacture liners
  • Launch liners
  • Allow cure time
  • Job completed

No mess, no fuss, non intrusive, non destructive, no environmental impact

B - Traditional Method (dig and replace)

  • Council approval or Water Authority approval required
  • Concrete cutting, slab or footing cutting, paver removal or landscape destruction imminent
  • Excavation of existing drain, usually with a backhoe commences, generally a messy, very intrusive and very dangerous process
  • Existing drain removed
  • No drainage to entire house until new drain has been laid and connected
  • New drain installed connecting to existing site connections
  • Drains require testing
  • Water authority inspection required
  • Trenches backfilled and compacted
  • Concrete and or paving to be reinstated
  • Landscape to be reinstated hopefully to the same condition as before work commenced
  • Usually a 2-3 day process
  • Very intrusive and destructive
  • Expensive process