Rehabilitate your Broken, Cracked
or Blocked Drains today!

Learn how SA Pipe Relining can save you time and money. No Dig, No Mess, No Fuss!


Are your drains continually blocking, backing up and becoming a nuisance?

Investigate the problem today and get to the bottom of what’s causing your drains to continually block.

SA Pipe Relining has been repairing and rehabilitating residential sewer drains since 1999 without the need for messy and costly excavation. Our specialised pipe rehabilitation techniques and experience offers our customers, practical, least intrusive and best environmentally friendly solutions for pipe repairs, providing long-lasting and affordable results.

We repair broken, collapsed and even missing sections of drains either above or below ground, without the need of costly excavation, repairs or replacement.

We specialise in all types of pipe repairs including, sewer drains, stack drains, junctions, floor traps, stormwater drains, downpipes (heritage listings) and pump lines, in all materials, lengths and sizes.

If you suspect that your drain is not performing correctly, call us today and we’ll show you the cause of the problem with our CCTV drain equipment and provide you with options on how to fix it!


Blocked Drains & Sewers

SA Pipe Relining are the blocked drain specialists. We'll not only clear your blocked drain but we'll get to the root cause. Using CCTV equipment, we'll identify the cause of the blockage and provide you with the best, most cost-effective solution to reline through the problem section.

image of a broken old terracotta pipe on a herringbone pattern brick path

Cracked & Broken Drains

Repairing cracked, broken and even missing sections of drains below ground are our speciality. Using custom built drain cleaning tools and relining techniques, SA Pipe Relining rebuild your drains, creating a new pipe within a pipe, fixing your drain problems once and for all.

A subtly colorful and  slightly visually interesting drain pipe.

Corroded Sewer Drains

SA Pipe Relining has the expertise to descale, hone and rehabilitate old cast iron corroded sewer drains. Our process removes all corrosion from inside the drains, restoring the drain to its original internal dimension. Relining then completes the process. No more blocked or leaking drains.

Clay Pipes

Earthenware - Terracotta Pipes

Earthenware drains are found in houses that were constructed pre-1970's and are susceptible to cracking, misalignment and tree root intrusion, causing drains to continually block. SA Pipe Relining can rehabilitate and restore terracotta drains by creating a new "pipe within a pipe".

The Process - how we repair broken, cracked or blocked drains

SA Pipe Relining

Our Testimonials

We’ve been experiencing blocked drains for many years. Finally got around to getting SA Pipe Relining in to do a camera inspection of the drain. Most impressed with the guys that came out. They were very friendly, found the problem and gave me a price to reline a section of the broken drain without digging. They completed the work the next day and we haven’t had a problem since. Highly recommend SA Pipe Relining.

Great, friendly service. Excellent product. Saved me thousands and a fantastic alternative to digging. My landscape wasn’t affected at all. Very happy about that!

A big thank you to Dave and Anthony for coming out and fixing my drain problems. They were very polite and friendly and showed me the problems in the drain with the camera equipment. They fixed the issue with no fuss and were done in the day. They then showed me the relined drain with the camera. Looks great. No more root problems. I will be recommending your service. Thank you.