Why Reline?

No mess, No fuss, No disruption. It’s the smart choice!


Significant cost savings over traditional pipeline replacement methods

The lining process eliminates the need for costly excavations and replacement of existing pipelines in conjunction with all the other associated costs involved.


Prevents root intrusion in sewer mains and stops leaks

Cured-in-place epoxy lining moulds to the internal diameter of the host pipe creating a structural seamless ‘pipe within a pipe’. This seamless technology prevents any further root intrusion and eliminates any water ingress or leakages from the sewer mains by lining over any cracks, misaligned joins or separation of pipe.


Increases Flow Capacity

Newly relined pipelines increase flow capacity due to the new smooth inner lining of the pipelines. The smoother internal lining prevents calcification deposits from adhering to the inner wall of the pipeline allowing unimpeded flow while preventing any future blockages. Particularly noticeable on Cast Iron, Clay or Concrete Pipes.


No destruction

Using systemised methods SA Pipe Relining is capable of relining pipelines through inspection openings or any from of access to the pipeline. The liner is launched from access points and pulled into position. This approach is non destructive, quick and effective. Mass trench excavation and backfilling, structural damage, re landscaping, traffic tie ups and environmental damage are non existent.


No inconvenience or disruption to your routine

The lining process is non intrusive and clean allowing your routine to be maintained with minimal disruption and maximum cleanliness.


No traffic tie ups, expensive road excavation or damage to paths or landscaping

Disruptions to traffic and costly expenses involved in excavations, replacement of pipelines and reinstatement of affected areas as well as the environmental impact associated with drain replacement is costly, time consuming, a nuisance and dangerous. Consider SA Pipe Relining’s expertise in pipe relining when contemplating the alternatives.